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History Afloat Spencer to Popran


Peter Vaughan


Mangrove Creek, Neverfail, Popran Creek

time & date

8.30am - 3:30pm

Saturday 24 August 2024

fitness level


ticket price



  • Morning Tea at Casuarina fringed wetland

  • Historical Storytelling about river tales and mystery

  • Launch at the meeting of the Hawkesbury River and Mangrove Creek.

  • Explore Popran Creek. BBQ lunch 

the event

Come and explore the incredible Hawkesbury landscape from a comfortable and easy to operate double sea kayak. Join us for a paddle along the serene waters of Popran Creek. Launching from Spencer we glide past Triangle and Neverfail Islands and on the way chance a glimpse of the local birdlife, including soaring sea eagles, pelicans and kingfishers. History unfolds as we hear about the Kellys of Popran who bred horses for the British raj in India, the floating stores delivering to now abandoned wharves and the era of river funerals and the 'mosquito fleet'. Morning tea amongst the Casuarinas and BBQ lunch at a secret location along Popran Creek. Returning to Spencer with the tide. Double kayaks and all gear provided.

the guide

Peter Vaughan is an outdoor guide and adventure instructor interested in helping others to appreciate the outdoors and develop confidence in their own abilities. His primary interests are kayaking activities on rivers, lakes and the ocean. He also enjoys abseiling, hiking and leading groups into Tanzania and Mt Kilimanjaro. He has a background in teaching at secondary and tertiary levels and is particularly enthusiastic about programs that have mixed modes of travel which engage with the history and geography of exciting, new locations.  

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