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Grave Tales:
Bush Religions and a horse called Mettle

tour leader

Max Burns-McRuvie


Spencer; Greengrove, St Peters Cemetery; Holy Trinity Church, Mangrove Creek

time & date

09.30am - 12:30pm

17 July 2022

fitness level

Moderate with some walking at cemeteries

on uneven surfaces and access slopes.

ticket price



  • Enjoy a morning tea at the Hawkesbury Duck, a museum space on the Lower Hawkesbury River.

  • Max Burns-McRuvie, expert history teller and raconteur tells tales of religion in the early colony, Irish uprisings and rogue papism

  • Hear about bush churches and the travels of Reverend Alfred Glennie and his horse Mettle

  • Visit two historic cemeteries on Mangrove Creek -  one Anglican and one Roman Catholic.

the tour
Explore the story of religion - how faith shaped a community and how local adaptations shaped daily practice and beliefs at Mangrove Creek. Join us for a walking tour of two cemeteries with Max Burns-McRuvie engaging historyteller and interpretation expert. Starting with morning tea at the Hawkesbury Duck museum space we hear about the stronghold of the Church of England in the early colony, bush churches, rouge Papism and the indefatigable Reverent Alfred Glennie and his horse Mettle. We visit the last resting place of ex-convicts, free settlers and ‘cornstalks’ at Greengrove Anglican Cemetery and Holy Trinity Church in Spencer viewing notable gravesites and learning more fascinating facts about the local families and burial practices.

the guide
Max Burns-McRuvie is a Sydney historian and storyteller. Over the last 12+ years he has created and conducted historical walking tours in Sydney, Barcelona and Amsterdam. His focus has been reinterpreting the age of exploration, gaining a deeper understanding of the colonial age, animating the eccentricities of the Victorian age and digging up many juicy stories from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. He holds a masters of Museum and Heritage Studies from Sydney University.

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